The rise of the mobile casino and why we play them!

7 in 10 people now own a smartphone in the UK according to research from Deloitte last year, and this figure is due to rise thanks to the increasing reliance people are having on their mobile phones. This has huge implications for the mobile gambling industry, with sports apps and betting sites already topping the list of the most visited gambling sites from smartphones.

But it’s not just betting sites we visit when we’re anticipating a huge sporting event. Mobile casinos have always been particularly popular among sports fans and non-sports fans alike, but apparently we’re very likely to login to play a casino game when we’re watching a sporting event.

Are you feeling lucky?

So why are we more likely to play at a mobile casino when we’re watching a game? According to Fortune Frenzy 92% of their members play their favourite casino games whilst watching TV, so of course the odds are quite likely. Frenzy is the UK’s leading mobile casino, and claims that their players like to have a spin of their slot games or a punt at blackjack when they’re feeling lucky, which could mean they’re more probable to play whilst a sports fan is watching their team play.

Mobile casinos are also a popular distraction for sports fans because the games are short, and most of the time will guarantee a quick win. Casino games that can be played on your smartphone have much larger jackpots than online or land-based ones, with many mobile casinos offering a payout percentage of up to 96%. As a result, when there is a lull in the action, sports fans may be tempted to keep their adrenaline pumping throughout the game.

Whether you’re visiting a mobile casino, placing a bet at an online bookmaker, or even just enjoying a quick mobile game, according to recent research we’re far more likely to turn to our mobiles in the middle of a match than we used to.

What’s your quick mobile distraction when watching a game?