Understanding Entertainment Betting

There are many people who may be interested in placing bets, but have no interest in sports. Entertainment bets are therefore great for those punters who have no interest in sports, but would like to join the world of betting. Entertainment bets can be found at almost all sports betting sites under the entertainment tab. Entertainment bets are also known as novelty bets and is anything that does not fit into a category such as football or basketball. They are fun and include things like TV series, celebrity news, movies or even the weather. Betting on sport and entertainment is almost exactly the same.

The moneyline bet is the easiest and is where punters pick the overall winner. This bet is popular when placing entertainment bets. Over/under betting is when the sportsbook sets a line, such as how many rounds in a celebrity boxing match and punters must then bet over or under this amount. Punters must try to predict if the fight will go over the set rounds or under. Spread betting can be used on the popular Idols show for example where punters can bet on the spread between the difference in votes of the two finalists.

Betting on Popular Red Carpet Events

The Academy Awards offers a range of bets that punters can choose from, offering a whole new thrill when compared to sports betting NZ markets. This popular red carpet event hosts the who’s who of the entertainment industry. Bets can be placed on the best film, best actor or actress, best director and many more. Bets can also be placed on the number of awards a particular film will win or if a film will win a combination of awards. As soon as the nominations are announced the bookmakers will set their lines and punters can begin betting. Although the Academy Awards are very popular punters can also bet on popular events in the movie and music industry such as the Golden Globes, the Emmys or the Cannes Film Festival. Music events to bet on include the Grammy Awards and the Eurovision Song Contest.

Reality TV Shows

Other popular betting options are reality TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing with the Stars which are both popular in the US as well as X Factor which is based on the UK show. Other popular betting shows include Big Brother.

Other Awards

Punters can also bet on other types of awards such as who will win the Nobel Peace prize, the Turner Prize for art or the Booker prize for literature.

Novelty Bets

Entertainment betting also draws big bets for novelty bets which are great fun and will include betting on the names of popular celebrity couples or which actor will become the next James Bond. Sportsbooks will even offer bets on how long celebrity marriages will last. Popular bets also include betting on who the next pope may be or even whom the next US President will be. Many of these entertainment and novelty bets include futures bets.

Entertainment betting is increasing in popularity and with online betting it has made this form of betting convenient and easy to use. Punters must be on the lookout though for some of the stranger bets out there, and there are many of them. Entertainment betting is great news for anyone who is a movie or music enthusiast or for those who follow politics.